History of the Homestead

03rd May 2017
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1884 : Mr A Murray

In 1884 the land known today as Nyerimilang Park was acquired by Mr A Murray. Ten years later in 1894, the 250 hectare farmland property was transferred to Frank Stuart, a businessman from Melbourne, who built the impressive weatherboard homestead.

1894 to 1936 : Frank Stuart and son Frank Stuart Jnr

The location chosen for the main building is not surprising, since it has stunning panoramic views from a cliff top overlooking the Gippsland Lakes and Fraser Island.

Frank Stuart and his family used the home as a holiday retreat in the beautiful but isolated East Gippsland region for shooting and fishing trips around the Gippsland Lakes.

During the early 1920’s, Stuart's son Frank Jnr extended the house further, developed the surrounding gardens and lived there in style, complete with housemaids and a gardener, working the property as a farm.

1936 to 1940's : Anglican Diocese of Gippsland

When Frank Stuart Jnr died in 1936, his widow donated the Nyerimilang property to the Anglican Diocese of Gippsland for use as a boys training farm.

1940's : William Buckland

In the 1940's the “quiet millionaire” Mr William Buckland purchased Nyerimilang Park. He also used the homestead as an occasional holiday home.

1964 to 1976 : Jack Ramsdell

William Buckland died in 1964 and Mr Jack Ramsdell then bought the property for use as a cattle stud farm. At one time there were plans to convert the homestead into a nightclub, which never eventuated.

1976 : Victorian State Government

In 1976 Nyerimilang was purchased by the Victorian State Government and declared a National Park. The condition of the homestead had deteriorated and did undergo restoration work.

Step back in time

Today at you can inspect the historic homestead, farm buildings and equipment preserved much as they were in days gone by.

Inside the homestead library there is an interesting collection of reference material for study. The library is usually open every Wednesday. But do telephone to confirm this prior to visiting.

See beautiful stained glass windows, polished wooden floors, classic period furniture, antique piano, photographs, drawings, ornaments, brick fireplace, wood fired oven and kitchen appliances.

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