Brown Tree Frog

08th May 2017
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(Litoria ewingii)

The Brown Tree Frog is a great climber and jumper and is capable of leaping to catch a fly in mid-flight. Between 25 and 45 mm long, it feeds on insects, including mosquitoes.

It is found in a variety of habitats, and is common in gardens in this area. They need unpolluted water, free from run off from chemicals or fertilisers, to breed.

The female lays 500-700 pigmented eggs in jelly clumps, usually attached to submerged vegetation in ponds, dams, lakes and flooded roadside ditches.

Listen for the “weep..eep.. eep..eep..eep” call all year round.

Insects are a favourite food of the adult frog so the more frogs we have in our gardens, the less mosquitoes !

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